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20th Oct, 2009

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Old art work

These are some of my earlier icons. Will be posting more of my work soon, I think!

Bram Stoker's Dracula [09]
The Dark Knight [57]
Gossip Girl S1 [08]

House S2 [21]
NCIS S4 [16]

X Files 2: I Want to Believe [26]
Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark [20]

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16th Oct, 2009

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A letter that will never be sent

This...This is something I needed to get out of my system. This is something I wish I had had the guts to tell someone, a long time ago, before I lost him, before I knew I'd lost him. It's a letter, or just a thought, something that's been stuck on my throat for what seems like ages now. It will probably make no sense at all. Either way, here it goes:

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5th Oct, 2009

Stock (love/fuck)

Blood on the Tracks, a Vespertine fanmix [volume 01]

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2nd Oct, 2009

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Okay, first post!
My first LJ would be updated whenever I had new fanmixes, fics or icons ready. While I'll still be posting most fanmixes and icons here, I'm moving my fics to my ff.net account, and try to write more about my thoughts and personal life.
That said, some of my mixes I don't want to lose will soon be posted ;)
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